Important Information for Travel and House League Families Leading into Playoffs

Posted by Halton Hills Minor Baseball Association on Aug 03 2019 at 11:27AM PDT

HHMBA Players, Coaches and Fans,

Over the next few weeks all of our players, House League and Travel, will be involved in end of season games, either at our home diamonds or away. We recognize that these games are exciting, often tense and emotionally filled games, as all but a few of our teams will be ending their seasons through a loss on the diamond.

Officials and umpires are a critical part of our game. Without them the game simply couldn’t happen. The season wouldn’t start, the games wouldn’t be fair, athletes wouldn’t be protected, and our leagues wouldn’t exist.

All of our umpires are carded umpires through Baseball Ontario. They are required to attend an umpiring clinic and write an exam based on the rules of the game prior to certification. On the diamond, umpires are required to make a decision in a split second, while there are many other things happening at the same time. There are times when a call will not go your team’s way. Our umpires deserve to be treated in a respectful manner, regardless of how much disagreement with a call there may be. The diamond is their place of their employment and they are by law entitled to work in a safe and harassment free environment. At no time should there be yelling from stands or fans second-guessing a call on the diamond.

Abuse of the umpires and game officials (Division Conveners, Directors and Executive Members) will not be tolerated. Baseball Ontario has a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to abuse of officials. The umpires and officials can ask any offender to remove themselves from the proximity of the diamond and games will not continue until this request has been fulfilled.

We ask that everyone remember their role over the coming weeks,

Players will play.
Coaches will coach.
Spectators will watch and cheer on their favourite players and teams.
Umpires will umpire the game.

Any questions or comments can be directed to our Director of Umpires at


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