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By HHMBA, 10/20/21, 3:30PM EDT


The HHMBA Executive have called for our annual AGM on November 4, 2021 at 8pm. The meeting will be a virtual meeting and pre-registration will be required.

To register, please submit your name and email address here:

This meeting is open to the membership of the HHMBA and Elections for Executive Committee positions will take place at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the manner prescribed in the Bylaws of the HHMBA. 

According to the Constitution, 


The following shall be members of the HHMBA:

  • Any parent or guardian of any player who is under 18 years of age.
  • Any player or person over the age of 18 who is actively involved in the general work of the HHMBA.
  • Participation in the HHMBA seasonal program shall be open to all youth, where facilities and qualified personnel permit.

From the Bylaws:

  • At the Annual Meeting, opportunity for nominations from the floor shall be provided, and accepted as long as the nominated person is present and such nomination is duly seconded. All candidates will have an opportunity to present a 2 minute presentation supporting their candidacy. Candidates can choose to present this information personally or have the chair of the nominations committee read a pre-written document to the floor.
  • The Past President will act as chair of the elections. In his/her absence the Current President can appoint a chair. Typically this is the League Registrar.
  • Voting for the Executive Officers positions shall be by means of secret ballot. Each position will be voted on independently, to allow defeated candidates to run for another position if he/she so chooses. The order of elections shall follow the order of “seniority” as outlined in Article 4 of this document. An elected single position will be declared filled when on of the candidates receives a majority of votes from the voting members present. The elected Directors shall be determined from the candidates receiving the highest number of votes. In the event of a tie, another vote will be taken with only the tied candidates being voted on. At the completion of the tallying of the ballots, the ballots will be destroyed. Terms of the positions shall be two years.

Current Positions open for Election:

Director of Senior House League - 2 year term
Treasurer - 1 year term
Director of Logistics and Planning - 2 year term
Director of Communications and Community Relations - 2 year term
Director of Junior Travel Eagles - 2 year term
Director of Technology Support - 1 year term
Director of Umpires - 2 Year Term
Director of Procurement - 2 year term
Director of Player and Coach Development - 2 year term

Job Descriptions for these positions can be found in the Bylaws. 

If you have any questions please reach out to