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Welcome (5U) T-Ball to the 2022 House League Season!

By HHMBA, 05/23/22, 11:00AM EDT


Game Start  - May 23 at 6 pm


5U – Baseball FAQs

Equipment:  T-Ballers need a ball glove, baseball helmet with chinstrap, closed-toe shoes and t-ball bat (optional).

Schedule:  Your official 2022 schedule is online. Log into your HHMBA account to see it. You should also get reminders from SportsEngine!

Format:  The format is 2 teams play (hitting and in fielding - every player hits then switch) while the 3rd team practices. Once the first "game" is over, a team takes the practice spot. It is Team 1 vs. Team 2 while 3 practices; Team 2 vs. Team 3 while Team 1 practices, and finally Team 3 vs. Team 1 while Team 2 practices; Twenty-five (25) minutes each.

Most importantly:  All coaches are volunteers.  At this age, many hands are needed.  We encourage parents (or older siblings) to help out on the field if they can.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact