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Rep and Select Coaches

2020 Season

Age Level Previously named Name Email
2013 7U Development Rookie Development Team VACANT
2012 8U Minor Rookie Derrick Somers
2011 9U Tier 1 Rookie Tier 1 Rob Ramalho
2011-12 9U House League All-Star Rookie House League All-Star VACANT
2010 10U Tier 1 Minor Mosquito Tier 1 Keith Bellchamber
2010 10U Tier 2 Minor Mosquito Tier 2 Richard Kuypers
2009 11U Tier 1 Mosquito Tier 1 Aaron Furger
2009 11U Tier 2 Mosquito Tier 2 James Bonney
2009-10 11U COBA Select Mosquito COBA Select Ryan Paquin
2009-10 11U House League All-Star Mosquito House League All-Star VACANT
2008 12U Tier 1 Minor Peewee Tier 1 Ian Egle
2008 12U Tier 2 Minor Peewee Tier 2 Dave Pfohl
2008 12U COBA Select Minor Peewee COBA Select Blair Herd
2007 13U Tier 1 Peewee Tier 1 Gary Dias
2007 13U Tier 2 Peewee Tier 2 Cory Latimer
2007 13U COBA Select Peewee COBA Select Kevin Bowie
2007-08 13U House League All-Star Peewee House League All-Star VACANT
2006 14U Tier 1 Minor Bantam Tier 1 Gene Basilio
2006 14U Tier 2 Minor Bantam Tier 2 Scott Stubberfield
2005 15U Tier 2 Bantam Tier 2 Ross Baker
2005-06 15U COBA Select Bantam COBA Select Sean Coroza
2005-06 15U House League All-Star Bantam House League All-Star VACANT
2004 16U Tier 1 Minor Midget Tier 1 Chris Emary
2002-03 18U Tier 1 Midget Tier 1 Louis Galvao
2002-03 18U Tier 2 Midget Tier 2 Doug Crawford
2002-04 18U House League All-Star Midget House League All-Star Jason Hopkins
1999-2001 21U Junior Fernando Demelo

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